Learn with Ashley


Private Violin Instruction

For a more focused experience, Ashley also offers private lessons scheduled throughout the week at her North Stonington studio.

 Suzuki Group Violin Lessons

Community and connection are nurtured at weekly group classes, offered Saturdays at Ashley’s North Stonington studio.

West African Dance Classes

Come experience the energy of traditional dance and percussion from the country of Guinea, West Africa.


Ashley’s approach to teaching draws upon many fields of experience and education. Markedly, she was trained in and as a Suzuki Teacher.  Though she prescribes not to be an exclusive Suzukian, she does offer strict Suzuki instruction. With her diverse musical performance experience, she recognizes the importance in offering different styles of playing such as classical, bluegrass, Celtic, jazz and fiddle.  


One-to-one violin lessons are available throughout the year for children and adults at all levels. Suzuki method study is offered, as is classical, contemporary and traditional fiddle study. Experienced and trained, Miss. Ashley provides the highest quality education in a nurturing and positive environment. She engages and encourages her students to strive for quality, fostering a community of happy and confident musicians.


Students are encouraged to attend weekly Suzuki Group Lesson. The Suzuki Method is an internationally recognized method for music education based on the principles and values of the late Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.  This method, also known as ‘Talent Education” and ‘The Mother Tongue Method”, utilizes immersion, encouragement, cooperation, imitation, an unforced timetable and small steps to build fine musicianship and character.  This fostering of the individual and his or her own artistry is born through Suzuki’s vision that all children have equal potential and are trained to show high ability in any field they enter.  The Mother Tongue method coins Suzuki’s theory of language acquisition,  recognizing that children learn to speak before they learn to read, purely through the mother‘s education.  Through commitment, nurturance, repetition, mimicking & overall enjoyment the child thrives and the mother (teacher) serves to facilitate optimal growth.  In Suzuki’s own words, ”Everyone has a sprout of talent. Developing that sprout into a wonderful ability depends upon how it is cultivated.”



Come experience the energy of traditional dance and percussion from the country of Guinea, West Africa. Ashley will guide you through a full body warm up, across the floor exercises and break down of a traditional dance.  Classes are accompanied by live percussion with Matt Dean.  Ashley will share the names, regions, tribes, and meaning of the dances she teaches. Get ready to let loose and have some fun, while getting a great workout!
All ages and levels welcome.


Miss Ashley has patiently nurtured and developed Sophia’s love for the violin for the past 6 years. Sophia’s skills have blossomed under her expert guidance. We look forward to Miss Ashley continuing Sophia’s development and would highly recommend her to anyone.


Ashley Jones violin is the “right fit” for my beginning violinist. Ashley is a gifted teacher who has taught my daughter using the Suzuki method while supplementing her repertoire with contemporary favorites. It is an exceptional teacher who is able to intuit how and when to push or praise- Ashley has this gift.


My six-year old son has been studying the violin with Miss Ashley for a little over a year. My husband and I have enjoyed watching his progression as a musician and violinist, which we attribute to Miss Ashley’s holistic approach to teaching him. She incorporates a motley of techniques to engage our son during their weekly lessons- from drumming together in rhythmic patterns on her African drums to playing a variety of games that teach him parts of the violin, musical terms and proper body posture while playing the violin. The culmination of their weekly lessons comes twice a year when Miss Ashley offers a concert where all of her students, including our son, can perform pieces of music that they have been working on throughout the year for their friends and family.  It is a proud day for our son and a highlight for us. In a nutshell, Miss Ashley is a true gem and we are so glad that we are part of her violin family.


Ashley Jones is a fun, knowledgeable, and supportive teacher with years of experience.  Working with Ashley has helped give me the foundation I needed to pursue my lifelong passion for playing the violin. Highly recommended!


Our daughter has been taking violin lessons for 5 years with Miss Ashley. As a teacher, she has gone above and beyond meeting our expectations. Her passion and expertise show through her teaching. She keeps our daughter engaged and she loves coming to her lessons.  We are so grateful to have her as a teacher.


As one of Ashley’s long standing students, I can say that her teaching style is progressive and relaxed enough to have inspired me to commit to the violin. Ashley is well-rounded in various genres of violin and fiddle style music. She has motivated and inspired me to love the instrument and to be the best player I can be.




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