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Students are encouraged to attend weekly Suzuki Group Lesson. The Suzuki Method is an internationally recognized method for music education based on the principles and values of the late Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.  This method, also known as ‘Talent Education” and ‘The Mother Tongue Method”, utilizes immersion, encouragement, cooperation, imitation, an unforced timetable and small steps to build fine musicianship and character.  This fostering of the individual and his or her own artistry is born through Suzuki’s vision that all children have equal potential and are trained to show high ability in any field they enter.  The Mother Tongue method coins Suzuki’s theory of language acquisition,  recognizing that children learn to speak before they learn to read, purely through the mother‘s education.  Through commitment, nurturance, repetition, mimicking & overall enjoyment the child thrives and the mother (teacher) serves to facilitate optimal growth.  In Suzuki’s own words, ”Everyone has a sprout of talent. Developing that sprout into a wonderful ability depends upon how it is cultivated.”

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